Smart Watch
Why you must have a Smart Watch?

Smart Watch is a digital wrist watch which has come up with a fabulous expansion in the market in last 2-3 years. It has multiple tasks and features packed into the simple design more than telling time like the normal wrist watch do. It is consist of a touch screen interface and have the ability to connect with the mobile and internet to keep track of your health, communicate with your loved ones and many more other functions using this smart watch.

Advantages of smart watch

  • Smart watch on your wrist has the advantage of mobility as it always moves with you.
  • Smart watch is your hand companion as it always remains on your wrist and you do not need any pockets for its safety.
  • This digital gadget gets you connected with your smart phone and internet.
  • Smart watch is a mini computer on your wrist as it allows you to control and compute anything you want.
  • The smart watch is something which knows more about what you need than you do.
  • A smart watch can be used to locate the phone and keys and eliminate the frustration of being late to any event.
  • By having smart watch, you do not need to take out your phone again and again for receiving or dialing a call or responding any message, as it all can be done through smart watch.

Some Amazing features of Smart Watch

Features of Smart Watch
Features of Smart Watch

Direction Navigation

Smart watch has the amazing feature of direction navigation and it can help you in locating East, West, North and South along with finding the way during journey. You do not have to see your smart phone for the location as the smart watch helps you in finding the location by vibration on the back of your wrist. It is so much helpful for the elder persons.

Gadget of Entertainment

A smart watch can be a tool of entertainment as it can store a music library and you just have to tap on that music library and can listen music of your choice without any connection with the smart phone. During running, exercise and even on flight, you can entertain by watching videos and listening music of your taste although, the screen is smaller than the smart phone.

Notification Alert

By using a smart watch, access to your phones notifications are directly on your wrist. You can see and respond to your messages, emails and social media apps by connecting the smart phone with your smart watch.

Location Assess of Electronic Devices

Many times a day, you lost your important electronic gadgets like keys and smart phone especially when you have to go out for urgent work. You just have to connect your electronic devices with your smart watch using a tracker and you are easy to go whenever you want.

Fitness Companion

Many smart watches can track your health and fitness related tasks. These can monitor your heart rate, measure blood oxygen level, as pedometers, blood pressure and sleep quality monitor, and also used for your physical activities like walking, running , cycling and swimming etc.

Control over Social Media

Smart watch helps you access your smart phone and control over social media. You have direct approach to your social media notifications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc. calendar, important emails on your wrist and do not need to open your phone for these notifications.

Waterproof Device

Protection against water is a fabulous feature of smart watch because user can wear their smart watch at all times and they do not have to take it off during swimming, bathing and washing their face. Some smart watches are fully waterproof and some can withstand only few splashes.

Waterproof Smart Watch
Waterproof Smart Watch

Wireless Charging

Inductive or wireless charging is also an amazing feature in smart watches in which you do not need any wire for the charging. Your watch will charge by placing your smart watch on magnetic charging dock where it will be charge by using electromagnetic field.

Reminders Alert

If you forget important tasks to do of the day and face difficulties then your smart watch is your best companion in making you alert by sending the reminders of the important activities and tasks as it has the ability to track your schedule.

Voice Command

Some high quality smart watches have the feature of voice command. You can directly compose text messages and emails, set alarms and reminders and also play music by using your voice. It saves your precious time by avoiding typing because of this built-in microphones and voice control in smart watch.


The prices of smart watches are somewhat less now-a-days as compared to earlier times because of large variety of smart watches manufacturing brands in the market. The prices depends on the display as LCD display has less price and for OLED display, you need more money. Price does not matter that much if you want all these amazing features in one device and making your life easier.


Smart watch serves its basic function of telling time to its user as well as many more additional features like fitness track, notifications alert, direction navigation, voice command and playing music and answer your calls without using your smart phone. It can make you alert of your important tasks and activities of the day by sending you reminders. You can buy this mini computer like electronic gadget which is portable, wearable and compatible on your wrist as your hands are free yet connected and can make your life easy. Provide best and reasonable price in pakistan

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